02 Jul

Today was our volunteer wrap up session. After a late breakfast we had our morning meeting. Lots of reflections and sharing of our experiences. While we all had the same experience we all had different highlights and perspectives. 

After a short walk together and a quick lunch, we all to the train to a community event in Kotun. There were many vendors, booths for government agencies and live music. We saw traditional Polish music being performed as well as our own Ukrainian students singing and playing their instruments. We were treated to a dance performance from the local community. 

We took the train back to our hotel and said our final goodbyes to the Ukrainian translators. We enjoyed a nice meal for dinner and I had long discussions with some of the other volunteers reflecting on our trip. 

Tomorrow we start our journey back to the United States. We will travel by bus into Warsaw where we will spend the night before our early morning flight home. 

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