30 Jun

I was asked to speak and give some closing remarks at the end of session assembly. I've been collecting my thoughts over the last couple of days. Here is my speech. 

Thank you very much for letting me speak this afternoon. I hope that we have made a meaningful contribution for both the Ukrainian and Polish kids this week. I have watched all of the kids open up, bond with us and the other kids, as well as having lots of fun.

I remember how shy everyone was the first morning. Later that day, while playing football, I noticed the kids experimenting with the English they had just learned. By the end of the week, I had multiple actual conversations with kids. At the market in Warsaw, I remember talking with a few of our boys about what they were buying and who it was for. I am so happy to see them become confident in using English, and eager to apply their learning.

For all of the kids, I would like to tell you that if you continue to practice your English with confidence, as well as continuing to support each other in your learning, I am fully confident in your ability to become fluent if you put in the effort

Finally, I would like to say thanks to our Polish hosts. We heard from your mayor about all the work you’ve done to distribute humanitarian aid and to help refugees. I’m so impressed with your compassion towards your Ukrainian neighbors. Your are all some of the most generous and kind people I have ever met.

Thank you.

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