26 Jun

After breakfast we rode the bust to the school just outside of Siedlce. The volunteers and students all gathered around tables for introductions. Afterwards we were split into four teaching groups. Michael, Janette and myself had a group of 8 boys most of who were Ukrainian but a couple were Polish. 

Throughout the morning we did most of our planned lesson. The kids were a lot more advanced in English than we had anticipated so we had to adapt some of our lessons on the fly. They already knew, numbers, days of the week, and most of their colors. Some of our best activities were passing around an inflatable ball and asking the person who they passed it to a list of questions, then passing the ball on. Another favorite activity was playing uno. It was a great way to practice both colors and numbers. We went outside a few times for recess and the boys loved playing soccer. (Thank you again Coach Brett and the Friday Harbor Soccer Team for the ball donation!) 

After Lunch it was field trip time. Today we took all the kids on a field trip to a horse farm. We were given a tour of the stables, saw the many trophies the horses had won and the auction house. It was a lot of work chaperoning all the kids but they were very excited to pet the horses! 

This evening we are working on modifying our lesson plans for tomorrow to include some harder material. 

Our Ukrainian and Polish classroom translators. 

I enjoyed petting the horses too! 

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