27 Jun

Today we started with lessons in the classroom with simple questions and coloring. Today's lessons were learning about body parts, reviewing colors and animals and an introduction to foods. The students enjoyed playing Simon says with body parts and they had fun playing BINGO to reinforce our lessons. We reviewed foods and colors by sorting foods into a rainbow based on colors. Our students seem to have a good amount of English vocabulary but have not had much practice with dialogue. We played animal go fish which they thought was very funny to say, "No, I'm so sorry. Go Fish!"

At recess, the boys really wanted to play soccer again. It is one of their favorite past times. Since it was raining we took them to the indoor gym. Luckily the gym had goals already set up in it so we played a few matches. 

After lunch it was time for another field trip. We took the kids to the pool. They really enjoyed playing in the lazy river  and going on the slides. Most of the Ukrainian kids had never swam in anything other than a pond or river. 

After the swim session was over we took the kids to the mall for ice-cream. They were very happy about that! After they finished their ice-cream they had an hour to explore and visit the shops. This was very exciting for them as most of the students have come from rural Ukraine and had never been to a mall before! 

Our classroom teaching team! 

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