28 Jun

Today was the students big field trip to Warsaw. While we had no formal lessons we worked on our conversational English skills, chatting with students about what we were seeing and doing throughout the day.. 

 Our hour and a half bus ride into Warsaw was full of the children singing songs in Ukrainian! 

Once we arrived in Warsaw, we split up into two groups. One Ukrainian and one Polish with translators where needed. We toured the royal castle outside the old town. The kids got to see all the rooms, paintings and artifacts. After the castle we took our small group of kids to go shopping in a small market just outside the old town. They bought some small toys and gifts to take home to their friends and families. 

After our shopping excursion we enjoyed lunch out at a restaurant then on our way back to Siedlce all the kids wanted to stop at McDonald's. They were very excited to order milkshakes and ice-cream. 

This evening we have been talking through our lessons for tomorrow as we will be back in the classroom! 

Many of our students are sharing heart wrenching stories of their lives back home. They are often continually disrupted by notices given via a phone app that warns of incoming rockets with alerts to take refuge below ground. Many of their families have dads, uncles and sometimes older brothers who are fighting the Russians. Some have been taken prisoner by the Russians, and who have not been heard from in months. I am so happy to chaperone these excursions where the students can forget about the horrific reality that they are living through and seeing the joy of getting something as simple as an ice-cream from McDonalds is humbling. I can not even fully comprehend the trauma that these young kids are experiencing. 

The boys were quite impressed by my ability to solve a Rubik's cube! 

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