25 Jun

Today was a full day prepping for the arrival of our students tomorrow. We had a hearty breakfast and spent the morning meeting with the program coordinators and fellow volunteers. There are 14 total volunteers ranging in age from 14-85! Some people have formal teaching experience and others do not. We spent the morning doing team building exercises as well as setting our goals and guidelines. 

For lunch we all headed down to the lake and enjoyed lunch together. After lunch we had another meeting this time with two Ukrainian students from the university in Sidelce and a Polish student. Who helped us learn new vocabulary for both languages. 

Once the students left we broke into small teaching groups. Michael and I will be working with Joanne, a retired high school teacher also from WA state! She has been practicing her language skills for months and has the best language skills of anyone in the group! Luckily there will also be a Polish and Ukrainian teenager in each room to help with translation.

We prepped our lesson plans for the next day. We will be beginning with lessons, songs, books and activities about animals. We are told that the kids are really into music. I hope they like Old Mac Donald! That's one of our planned songs for the animals unit. 

We are set and ready for the student's arrival tomorrow morning. 

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