01 Jul

Whew! Yesterday was BUSY! We took the kids on a trip to Białowieża National Park. It was a long bus ride (2.5 hours each way), I spent some time drafting my speech while on the bus. The kids sang songs to help pass time time. 

Białowieża National Park is one of the biggest and last forests left untouched in Europe. We hiked through the park on boardwalks with a guide. We learned about the history behind the park, and saw a variety of birds, insects and animals-linx, boar and small deer. The kids were most exited to see the bison. The tour guide showed us lots of edible plants which the kids tried. One of the leaves tasted like garlic and the other just like the sour patch candy. They had an informative visitor center with lots of taxidermy animals on display in scenes. 

When we returned to school the volunteers had a meeting to plan for the next day's field day. As you can imagine with such a large group of volunteers there were lots of varied ideas about what would make a great field day. 

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